Vietnamese, Pantry Shelf-Stable, Gluten Free food products that you can use to make Vietnamese home-cooked meals are at the core of our Women & Minority-owned company.

We innovate popular traditional Vietnamese dishes by using ‘clean’ (NO MSG, NO stabilizers, NO fillers, NO artificial preservatives), whole, Non GMO ingredients that are quick to prep. Our Plant-based products are amongst the highest quality, delicious in taste, and best value in the Asian food section.

What Makes Us Happy… 

Thao’s grandparents came from a small town called Nam Dinh in northern Vietnam where Pho noodles originated. Their Pho soup was made famous at their family restaurant for decades. Using this recipe that her grandparents perfected over 80 years ago in their kitchen, we capture the same intense flavors in an all-natural spice packet.

Traditionally, Pho noodles can take up to 7 hours to prepare. Using our HAPPY PHO meal kits, you can make tasty Pho noodles soup in only 15 minutes. It tastes just like a delicious bowl of Pho soup you might find on the streets of Vietnam.

All the Pho soup we found, whether pre-packaged or served at restaurants, in Vietnam or overseas, had artificial flavorings, abundant MSG (Monosodium glutamate, a common food additive) or heaps of sodium. Our bodies reacted to these unnatural substances in unpleasant ways.

Thao was constantly thirsty and couldn’t hydrate herself unless she drank a whole case of water with added electrolytes. In addition, she got severe headaches that kept her up at night. Karen often felt ‘buzzy’ or tingly throughout her body then would spike into hyper-mode and then crash.

We also found that most Asian noodles available in stores were one of two types. They were either unhealthy, being over-processed or fried, made with white rice and flour, and often chocked full of unknown chemicals. Or they were healthy and wholegrain, but tasted like cardboard masquerading as noodles.

Unlike most other Pho noodles products out there, Happy Pho noodles are made from brown rice (wholegrain rice) that is high in fiber and nutrients, contain no MSG and is low in sodium. We’ve also added organic green tea from old tea trees in the mountains of North Vietnam. Happy Pho is as good for you as it tastes. It is a nourishing, soulful, safe food if you are gluten-intolerant, sensitive to MSG, want a healthy tasty quick meal, or love Pho noodles and want to make it at home so you can be sure of what goes in your food.